Innovation and self-development

At Rita Võ, you can truly unleash your creativity, take the initiative, and advocate for equality in all positions and levels. Moreover, Rita Võ always offers opportunities for individuals to develop in various professional fields, allowing them to explore their potential, strengths, interests, and direction in their work. Rita Võ firmly believes that in a dynamic, healthy, and competitive environment with a positive emphasis on creativity, you can unlock the key to success and personal growth in due course.

Policies for training and development

Professional training policies are one of the key criteria in the corporation’s development strategy. At Rita Võ, our team members participate in training programs both domestically and internationally, alongside top experts and strategic partners from around the world. This helps deepen their professional skills, knowledge, and understanding of the company's goals and corporate culture. It's an opportunity for personal development, a chance to change perspectives and foster new ways of thinking in their work.

Recognizing and honoring each individual

The success of a business is the result of the combined efforts of all its employees. At Rita Võ, recognizing and honoring individuals and teams for their outstanding achievements is a cultural tradition that has been upheld from the past to the present. We strive to create a healthy competitive working environment that encourages the development and dedication of each individual. The awards and recognition at Rita Võ are not only a form of praise, but also a demonstration of the corporation’s commitment to acknowledging and evaluating the special contributions and efforts of every individual within the organization.

Attractive policies

At Rita Võ, salaries, bonuses, and allowances are customized to fit each job position and department. All employees’ skills and professional qualifications are recorded, assessed, and guaranteed to be fair, based on their competencies. This ensures the best conditions for individuals and teams to contribute and grow. The leadership of the corporation believes that these policies are critical in creating a competitive advantage, attracting, and retaining talent during the recruitment process.

Opportunities for advancement

Rita Võ has established a clear and fair career advancement path for all employees in the corporation. Objective evaluations based on KPIs and regular, specific, and unbiased performance assessments are conducted to ensure that employees have equal opportunities to grow, learn, improve their skills, and progress to higher-level positions.

A cohesive working environment

At Rita Võ, creating a friendly, cohesive working environment among employees is a top priority to foster unity and a sense of closeness among organization members. The corporation aims to establish and maintain a comfortable, enjoyable, competitive, and healthy working environment to create an ideal and professional workplace.



As a long-established corporation distributing premium products from world-leading brands, Rita Võ continues to strengthen its position in the market.
With the motto "With vision and heart," we aim to build a disciplined way of life and work that ensures the best quality of life for each individual while encouraging maximum creativity for the collective Rita Võ group.
Therefore, every individual at Rita Võ is empowered to innovate and expand long-term development opportunities. It is an ideal place to work, learn, grow, and contribute in the long run.